5 Essential Items To Pack In Your Survival Backpack

We’ve all been asked what we would bring if we were stranded on a desert island, but if we really had to survive in the wild, what should we bring?

This article will prep you for survival with the 5 most essential items to pack in your survival backpack.

1. Hydration System

Water is the most vital element of survival. While we can survive up to two months without food, we can only survive 3-7 days without water.

Make sure to invest in a water bottle with a filtration system. This will allow you to drink from polluted streams, rivers, and even the ocean.

An effective survival hydration system will remove toxins, bacteria, and filter out salt so you can stay hydrated no matter what climate you find yourself in.

2. Fire-starter

A fire-starter is essential for keeping warm and making food to sustain you in any survival scenario.

Fire can also deter wild animals and make a signal to let planes and helicopters know you need to be rescued.

While you may have seen characters on TV and in movies making fire by simply rubbing two sticks together, this method is tricky and often ineffective.

If you’re trying to survive in a cold, damp climate, you won’t last very long without a reliable fire-starter.

Pack a flint or magnesium fire-starter in your survival backpack. While matches and lighters are convenient, they can run out of fluid or become ruined when wet.

3. First Aid Kit

A first aid kit is a must for any survival situation.

Surviving in the wild requires that you’re prepared for the worst. You could trip, slip, get stung, or be attacked by an animal at any time.

Be ready for medical emergencies and other complications with a well-stocked first aid kit in your survival backpack.

If you have any allergies to plants or insects, be sure to stock a few Epipins in your first aid kit in case you encounter any irritants.

4. Emergency Blanket

You can use a mylar emergency blanket to keep warm, build a makeshift shelter, or create a reflective signal to let others know you’re in danger.

Even if you’re evacuating to a hot climate, deserts often become drastically colder at night. You may have to cross over into different terrain on your survival quest.

An emergency blanket will shield you from the elements, protect you from insects and keep you dry.

5. Durable Survival Backpack

You can’t pack a survival kit without a sturdy bag to store your items.

The ideal backpack is large enough to store all of your items with some excess room for carrying supplies and light enough to be carried easily through rough terrain.

Look for bags that are waterproof, lightweight, and durable.

Prepare Yourself for Survival

Research survival tips and tactics thoroughly to prepare for life and death choices. Check out our blog for vital information, articles, and quality products.

Ensure your survival backpack is ready to be put to the test by reading content and purchasing essential supplies from experts in survival.