Insider’s Guide To Selecting Your First Home Defense Weapon

There are over 2 million burglaries reported every year and 66% of those are residential break-ins. This means there’s a high chance a burglar will break into your home next.

Protect yourself and your family with a reliable home defense weapon.

Don’t get hasty and buy the biggest one you can find. There are important factors to consider when buying your first weapon. Take a moment to look into the following before making your first purchase:

Consider Your Training and Experience

According to the CDC, there were 135,928 accidental gun injury deaths in 2013. Proper gun training and experience could have prevented these incidents. Proper storage of these guns and ammunition is important too.

Before you buy a defense weapon, it’s important to consider what you’re comfortable with. If you have more experience and training with an automatic pistol more than a shotgun or rifle, you should go with it.

The training and experience you have will prevent misfires. When a burglar does break in, the training and experience will ensure you have the upper hand in case of a confrontation.

Stopping Power

If you’re comfortable and trained in a wider variety of home defense weapons, your next priority should be a weapon’s stopping power. You only need one shot to take out a burglar and protect your family, but some targets take extra precautions.

While most burglars only carry a knife, some might have extra armor and their own firepower. This means you’ll need the extra stopping power to put them down before they harm you or get away.

This is why shotguns and automatic rifles are quite popular among gun owners. They can put a burglar down dead in their tracks with a single shot.


A rifle has a lot of stopping power but it’s bulky and not easy to use. If a burglar breaks into your home, you’ll want something you can easily reach for under your bed or in a bedside drawer. It’s this level of practical use that some people don’t plan ahead for.

Practical home defense weapons are the ones you can easily reach, reload, and fire without a second thought. These are the types of weapons you can safely store away when not in use but can easily bring out in case of emergencies.

Also, take into consideration how useful your choice of weapon is. A large rifle with a lot of stopping power isn’t practical if you have to take 2 minutes to reload it after each shot. You’ll be vulnerable if there are multiple intruders breaking into your home.

Get a Home Defense Weapon Now

You don’t want to wait until it’s too late. A burglar could break into your home and harm those you love. Arm yourself with a good home defense weapon today.

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