The Ultimate Bug Out Bag Checklist

As we experience some of the most extreme weather events in the history of the world, we are seeing more people faced with emergency situations. Emergency preparation is important to consider whether you live in New York City, the Carribean or Southern Hemisphere. For you and your family’s safety, you might want to consider packing everyone a bug out bag.

A bug out bag is your emergency survival kit that will help you survive through an indefinite amount of time following a severe weather incident. As you might have to travel dozens of miles with your bag on your back, you need to pack it strategically.

You’ll need a full bag that’s light enough to carry but with a comprehensive enough number of items to ensure you’ll survive safely for as long as the emergency lasts. Follow this checklist to know the 8 essential items you need.

1. Waterproof Bugout Bag

A waterproof bag is the first place to start in designing your bug out kit. Your waterproof bag should be large enough to carry a lot of equipment. It should also be reflective.

A truly waterproof bag will be able to act as a floatation device if things get too intense. Be sure you also have smaller waterproof bags for all of your items for extra security.

2. Water Bottle and Water Purification

You’ll need to beware of contaminated water supplies. Having a stainless steel water bottle can help you stay safe during your emergency. If things get intense, you can boil the water in your stainless steel bottle and let it cool for safe drinking.

If you collect water from rivers and streams, adding water purification tabs can quickly treat water. They are lightweight and relatively inexpensive, meaning you can carry a lot of them in your bag to be prepared for a long time without water.

3. First Aid

You’ll need a comprehensive first aid kit in case you’re stranded for awhile without medical treatment. Be sure you’ve got aspirin in case of any injuries. Having antiseptics will keep you from suffering infection which can be deadly in case of a severe wound.

4. Windup Radio/Flashlight/Charger

Lots of manufacturers make small devices that have the capacity to receive radio transmissions, act as a flashlight and charge your phone. Getting a waterproof version of one of these units could allow you to stay in touch and in the loop of what’s going on during the emergency.

5. Waterproof Clothing

You should have an extra set of clothing, including some waterproof clothing in your bag. You need to be careful because clothing can weight a ton, especially when it’s wet.

Your bare minimum should be extra socks, ponchos, a pair of pants, some undergarments and two shirts.

6. Dense Calorie Food Bars

Find some protein or dense calorie bars to pack in your bug out bag. Again, be mindful of weight but if you can handle it, try 10, to be sure you can survive at least a week.

7. Stainless Steel Dishes and Utensils

Again, stainless steel is going to be the most sterile and smartest investment you can make in consuming any food or water. The advantage of having a stainless steel pot is that you can boil water when necessary.

8. Firestarting Kit/Swiss Army Knife

There are some small tools that are smart to have on hand if you need to be out in the woods for a long time. Being able to cut wood and start a fire could save your life.

Your Bug Out Bag Requires Balance

You need to make sure you don’t overfill your bug out bag with too many items. Weight will slow you down and you might need to move fast if you’re escaping a fast-moving fire or flood.

If you’re still trying to figure out what you need for survival, contact us for a more comprehensive list.